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Hey there,

don't know if anybody us still reading this, but anyway...

It has been a long time since I updated this, basically since I stopped playing FF-XI. I've been playing a lot of WoW since then. Got my Shadow Priest through the tier5 content, sniffed a bit at tier6 (downed 2 MH bosses), quit playing my Horde characters and started a Night Elf Feral Druid (RAWR bomb). Got 20 days played on it, got epic flight form, tanked up to tier4 25-man stuff, got 8.2k gold in the bank with nothing left to buy (and I bought a lot), then iced my account. It felt too easy somehow. And no, there isn't much change I am getting the upcoming expansion.

Then I got the utterly brilliant idea to buy Age of Conan. Was very fun in the beginning, but after a few weeks FunCom found a nerfbat here and there, and never stopped whacking those things around. So, after 6 weeks or so I iced that game. Too much energy, time and gold put into stuff and professions that became next to worthless all of a sudden. I think I made it to level 71 or so, with a Dark Templar. But I think I have to thank FUncom for 1 thing, it kinda "cured" me from MMO's.

That was basically the last time I played a MMO. I got bored, picked up Mass Effect, and played that to "death". Got all achievements, played it like 8 or so times with various classes (Assault Rifle Biotic is murder, for the opponents) but the fun is lost in that. Tried a bit of Spore, bubt somehow it doesn't feel right to me. It's not what I expected it to be. And to be honest, in the last 3 or 4 weeks, I haven't played games nearly as much as I used to do, 2 or 3 days maybe. Don't get me wrong, MMO's are fine, but for me personally, it was becoming too much an obsession to get the best stuff I could get my hands on. If I play something, I play to win, I want to be good at what I do.

Like I said, game playing has been cut down severely. And there is a reason behind this. My office job, computer games (not addicted, but it was way too often) and me being plain lazy, have caused me to review my current situation and health state. No, I am not sick, in the head maybe, in a good way I'd like to state it, but I have barely any condition left and my weight is a bit too much. So, I made a bit of a risky move, and bought a second hand bike.

Ah, but not just any bike, it's one of the finest recumbents you can get, and it is made here in the Netherlands as well. I present, the Challenge Fujin.

I will have to get some things modified, like larger seat (this is a small version, I need a big one), stronger shock cartridge in the front wheel and a longer chain. And knowing me, some shiny tidbits here and there in the long run. I am going to pick up this gem this saturday, and take small steps again at getting back some fysical condition and less weight. I already tried on my old SPD shoes, and they still fit perfectly. Another reason for this sudden change, is that I am getting seriously pissed off with most of the other motorised drivers on the road. Somehow it feels it is getting worse by the day, and I feel less inclined to be a part of it anymore. Travel distance to my work is about 12-15 kilometers, kinda perfect for bike commuting. But what about the weather you might say? I'll just need to learn to live with that again. In the past, I did nearly everything by bike. Go to school (15 kilometers one way), shopping in the city (12 km one way trip) and more. I have owned a Challenge recumbent before, a really high one (Challenge Wing) and I made long trips with that with a biking club, longest I can remember was like 150 km, and that was without the 30 km round trip to get to the starting point from my home. So, basically, for my situation, I don't really need a car to get around. Just need to get swap the lazy part of me for the active part again, and I am looking forward to it.

What will happen to this live-journal? I don't think I will be updating it after this one. When I get my bike, I am thinking of opening a blogspot account, and start over again, but in Dutch this time. I will be putting up that link here by the way. It will be less about games, and more about biking and my other hobbies (anime, animation and possibly a bit about music).

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This is a not-so-short notice to all who happen to read this journal. I have been at this point before, I think august last year. And yes, the title is intended as a pun.


I have been playing this game for what, 3.5 years now? And to be honest, it's getting harder and harder for me to find something I really want to do or find something that satisfies me. I have done most things I want to do, obtained a lot I wanted to obtain, but most importantly, throughout the years I have met a whole bunch of wonderful people. Some of them that spring to mind the most:


  • Ryosuke and Rithridan, long time real-life friends.
  • Lilarthus/Balmung, very good friend and has been a mentor in a lot of ways. I was so saddened when you left, you played the game better then anyone I know, and you played two characters by default, more if needed.
  • Karinastar, LS leader of Phoenix Order, and Marz, best Samurai I have ever seen, period. Two of the most selfless people I have met in the game.
  • Bobe, one of the best Black Mages I have known, may you rest in peace.

Don't worry, I met more wonderful people, Vanyel, Bukaan, Lans, Elspetharu, Helooper, Inoiown (thanks for saving my butt in U.Range way back), Drshall, Eeden, Bugabugabuga and many more.


Now, this won't be a farewell post, as I haven't reached the "point of no return" yet, but I need a break and think over what I want to do with this game. My accounts will stay active and Rith will be taking care of them. Ofcourse, if needed and I have the opportunity, I will come and help. What needs to be done with the god gear I have been listed for? My Monk has reached level 75, so technically I could wear them. This will be up to Doc's discretion and the rest of you. I could have gone on for a few more weeks and get all the stuff, but taking a break after getting the stuff just isn't my style. After all, it's all a bunch of 0's and 1's on some server somewhere. Gear shouldn't be the main focus to play this game, it's getting to know people and get stuff done together, gear is just an added bonus.


Maybe I will continue this journal, or make a new one for WoW, not sure yet. If you happen to be on the EU server named Azjol-Nerub, I have an Undead Priest who goes by the name Poxx, and an Undead Mage named Miseria there. I'm going to see some more of The Burning Crusade, mainly the instances.


Peace out, and have fun with whatever you are doing.

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I finally got my Uggalepih Pendant. No, I didn't fight the NM, it is kinda hard to find Odorous Knives at a decent price, and only the +1 knife has a guaranteed drop. I got mine from the AH for 410k, which is about 2 weeks of Assaults for me, so a very good price in my opinion. I took it with me to Limbus and our Assaults (Azure Experiments), and I love it already. The Assaults might not be the best testing grounds, as those Lamia's have weird resistances on my spells sometimes. Now the only thing I miss for the big nukes is a Sorceror's Ring, but I am not sure if I will get that. I would need a lot of gil just to get the hp-> mp gear, and I don't even have inventory room for those. So, personally, my Black Mage is about finished gear wise, just need to get the damned AF upgrade items to drop and get an Apocalypse Neigh earring, and finish my merits.

We also did a sea map run last wednesday, and we got the map from Grand Palace of Hu'Xzoi, after a lot of running, relative few deaths, a disconnect here and there, and some trains, some of them awefully big trains. Two more maps I need to get. The outdoors one, Tu'Lia, I can do that solo, and the Gardens of Ru'Hmet, then I got all Sea maps as far as I know.

And yesterday we did Temenos Central 2 (the one with the elementals and super-carby), and we kinda destroyed the zone. We were a few people short of doing 2 zones and didn't want to risk the chip. Easy win there in this case. No usable AF upgrade items for me, but I am getting used to that, too used actually.

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First piece of Shura gear.

Yep, first piece, too bad it isn't the Togi, but there are still a bunch of people before me on the list, but will get it in time. The piece I got is the Shura Zunari Kabuto. I also got the Martial Head abjuration, but I will uncurse that once my Paladin reaches the 72-73 range, not before that.

It isn't the best piece, and I know there are better head pieces on some stats, like Optical Hat for accuracy and W. Turban (fugly piece of gear) for Haste, but overall it is a nice piece and I am going to try it out for both TP and WS gear nonetheless.

Another thing I did this weekend was rush Megamichan to a decent rank for San d'Oria. Eeden still needed the 5.1 and 5.2 as well, and we completely smashed those BCNM's. Not as hard as we zerged the 2.3 mission before that, but it came close. Damn I really love Monk. It is even more powerful then I dared to imagine, and some pieces of gear are still not in my possession. Should be getting really funny when I get those.

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Up Up Up

Some more stuff achieved this week. With the help of various people, Rith and me managed to get 25/25 rank up points in Assault, and after we completed the quest, we will be Second Lieutenants, at the moment the highest achievable Assault rank. We didn’t do this with Azure Experiments, but with 5 new ones (for us at least) so we could get the rankup as fast as possible. Reason behind this, is the newly added Perdu Blade, which seems to be the best offhand katana available at the moment.


We also did another Proto-Omega, our fifth. Still haven’t seen any Homam hands being dropped, but we basically zerged the fight, had zero deaths on our end, and walked away with a head and legs piece, which went to Minagichan and Zabusa respectively.


And the last thing I did, is basically deplete my Ancient Beastcoin “treasury”, and got a Brutal Earring for Kat and a Musical Earring for Megami. I was contemplating to get a Boxer’s Mantle for Kat instead of the Musical Earring, but the earring is better for me at the moment.

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Mission Madness.

With the help of Inoiown, Helooper, Anaelle, Eerikki and Rith/Ryo, I managed to get from Windurst Rank 6 (needed it way back then for Sky, and never continued it) to Rank 10 in under a week. A day before the tally I got my Master’s Caster Bracelets, 2 Aketons and some small stuff for cap fights and selling.


The final BCNM was a funny one, first you fight 4 Cardians, and then a Manticore and Wyvern. I was on the initial sleep duty, and I stepped a bit forward to get into casting range. Much to my surprise, the Cardians ensued to floor me before I got a sleep off. Turned out they have a far bigger agro range then normal BCNM mobs. So, I spent the Cardian part getting unweakened again. Still was a very easy fight with 3 (NIN/BLM/RDM) and we won with less then 1m from the record.


After I got all my items, I changed allegiance to San d’Oria and am currently on the final part of mission 2.3 (the cap25 Dragon fight). Ana wants to get to San d’Oria Rank 10 as well, so we will do them together. I am not in the same big rush as I was last week, because I “need” to get enough Conquest Points to get a minimum of 2 Aketons. Good thing is, I have a lot of subs to level on Megami, so that should be not too big of a problem.

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Bit delayed…

Yep, another belated update. I am getting quite proficient on those.


First, we managed to hit 73 with our crazy little static. Which means… Asuran Fists and Destroyers. Yep, 800 WS points done, and I sold my Cross-Counters in like half an hour to get some much needed cash back. If I will be doing cap50 to cap60 stuff I will miss them, but the capped stuff is too rare and random not to get back little under a million gil. My Monk and Bard gear is pretty neat, but I need some Shura stuff (mainly Togi) because Helooper will break me in half in the parsers now. Bard is mostly finished, just some small stuff like Limbus AF upgrades.


Not much news on the Dynamis front. Last week’s run got canned because the area we intended to do was already taken, and our second option was taken seconds before we could enter. As for tonight’s run, we’ll have to see but it will probably be cancelled. Time to get some XP and get closer to 75.


On the Sea front. The NM’s are still bastards, either not getting them to show up (the Aern NM’s) or not getting the good stuuf (like torques). What’s even more a slap in the face, gilsellers are currently shouting to sell stuff like the sea torques, stuff we so desperately try to get in a legit way. Sometimes I hate how this game is handling the end-game stuff. S-E really needs to put instances into use (like thet do in WoW).


What we did manage to do, again with a good deal of zombie zerging in the end, is Proto-Ultima. The fight is really too weak till 20%, then it gets into nasty mode. Even worse, every time we tried to get some big nukes in (Manafont -> AM2/Tier4/Tier3 –ga), it just put up Mana Shield and basically spit us in the face. Drops were legs and head. A big congratulations to Eeden (Nashira Turban) and Ilument (Nashira Seraweels).




Some snippits made of win.

  • Mog Locker capacity can now be increased to a maximum of 80 slots.
  • The three Salaheem's Sentinels members stationed in Windurst, San d'Oria, and Bastok now offer teleport services to Whitegate for registered mercenaries who have completed the quests they each offer.
    *Players must have the Treasures of Aht Urhgan expansion disc installed and its contents registered to utilize this service.
  • The price for the key item needed to enter Limbus (Cosmo-Cleanse) has been changed to 30000 gil.
  • The following throwing weapons can no longer be used for ranged attacks:
    Hedgehog Bomb / Morion Tathlum / Holy Ampulla / Bailathorn / Bomb Core / Phantom Tathlum / Fenrir's Stone / Happy Egg / Fortune Egg / Mantra Coin / Optical Needle / Nazar Bonjuk / Kakanpu / Goblin Grenade / Healing Feather / Spirit Lantern / Refresh Musk / Wyvern Feed / Astral Pot / Balm Sachet / Millefleurs Sachet / Olibanum Sachet / Attar Sachet / Sweet Sachet / Civet Sachet / Musk Sachet / Tiphia Sting / Orphic Egg / Bibiki Seashell / Volunteer's Dart / Mercenary's Dart / Imperial Dart / Fire Bomblet

>> full details here <<
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